Property Details

Minimum of 3, maximum of 20 photos can be placed. Outside photo of the property is the must.


  • Please note that the provided email address is valid. Information about the ad will be sent to the email that was provided.
  • Its is prohibited : To write in capital letters, as well as the telephone number, e-mail address and services about the company.
  • Pictures of property's facade (at sunlight) and the pictures of the room(s) is required. Pictures with logotypes from as well from the other websites will not be accepted.
  • Full price of the property should be mentioned. (To mention of the first instalment price, or per 1 acre and per 1 m² is not allowed) Property should be described in details. The ads with not proper description will not be accepted.
  • It is important to note the exact location on the map.

Contact Information